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About Me

 Helping people with all of their computer needs since 2008. 


I started working on computers as a hobby in 2001 and I found that I have a natural knack for it. Being a people person as well, I began helping friends and family with their needs because they could not afford what the big businesses were charging.  Starting this business in 2008 was a way to help others with a much more affordable solution to computer needs than the "big box" retail repair technicians.  My personal goal is to provide superb customer service at an affordable price, without a long wait to get back online.  



Let’s face it, a lot of people lack people skills and that is a small business killer.  My commitment to my customers is to ensure you are treated with respect and honesty with all your computer needs.  The old saying “Treat others as you wish to be treated” could not be more true when it comes to how I feel about the customers I have come across.  Whether it is a small clean up or a major purchase, all my customers will experience the same enthusiasm and expertise.  Word of mouth speaks volumes, so if you have friends and family that need computer assistance please pass my website along to them or just hand them my number (because they may not be able to see this if they have major computer issues!)